Anesi Aqua Vital Exfoliant 7 oz

Combines the exfoliant action of the Jojoba microparticles on the skin’s surface with the deep detoxifying effect of the Celldetox®.

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  1. For smoother and brighter skin free of impurities.
  2. Stimulates skin regeneration, making sure it functions correctly
  3. Facilitates the penetration of active ingredients that are applied afterwards.

Apply to the face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes. Massage with light circular movements until the beads disappear. Enhance results by using Aqua Vital Lotion. Thoroughly dry the skin.

  • Creamy and extra smooth texture perfect for all skin types.
  • Natural fine particles that exfoliate and cleanse the skin without damaging it.
  • The exfoliation process is enhanced by the detoxifying effect of Celldetox®.
Weight .05 lbs

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