Casmara Cleanser Balancing 150 ML

For All Skin Types.
Helps in protecting the natural skin flora.
Protects the Skin From Toxins.
Offers Instant Radiance to the Skin.
Helps in Reducing Age Spots on the Skin.

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Product Details
Casmara Balance Cleanser-500 ml Given the countless properties inherent in goji berries their use goes back thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine to recover vital energy. It is for this very reason that it is known as the berry of longevity. It is a preventative treatment for those signs related to the ageing process and reinforces the skin’s natural defenses. With the goodness of Goji Fruit Extract, Omega 3-6 and unique antioxidants, this Balance Cleanser from Casmara helps in protecting the natural skin flora. All purpose cleansing gel for all skin types that can also be used on eyes.This is an antioxidant gel cleanser that protects your skin against all the adverse effects that free radicals can create on your skin. A unique aspect of this antioxidant Balance Cleanser is that it has the extracts of Goji berries. These berries are known for their exceptional energy restoring capacities and have been extensively used in traditional Chinese medicines for centuries. Regular use gives you clean and hydrated skin. Made in Spain

GOJI BERRY EXTRACT: Antioxidant, Prevent the signs of ageing.AVOCADO OIL: Natural oil, Emollient and protector effect.

Weight .05 lbs

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