Casmara Shine Control Matte Effect Cream 50ml / 1.7 fl.oz.

Cream with a soft light texture.

Formulated with intelligent active ingredients which selectively helps to regulate and balance the oil in the skin providing moisturization and care the skin needs. Purified and healthy faces.

An intelligent cosmetic product for oily and/or shiny skins; an innovative combination of active ingredients that help to improve the appearance of the problems associated with these types of skin.

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Who is this for?
Oily, combination or shiny skin.

Unisex formula for oily skin and/or with shiny areas. For all ages.

Specific dermopurifying treatment.
Selective sebum-regulator.
Matte effects.

Balanced, matte effect, cleansed and more youthful skin appearance.

Active ingredients
AZELOGLICINA®: helps eliminate excess oil.

OXYGEN in liposome form. Produces an immediate effect illuminating the skin.

OSILIFT®: is a unique mixture of proteins and polysaccharides derivad from Oat. Maintains an optimal skin hydration level. To reinforce the hydrating effect, we included HYALURONIC ACID, the natural and most abundant mucopolysaccharide of the skin.

Weight .05 lbs

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