Electrolytic Disinfector (Portable Disinfectant Maker)

  • Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant is recognized as a highly effective bactericide in the world, which can effectively kinds of bacteria and viruses. With this household disinfectant maker, you can make and use it when you need, never worry about the period of validity, which can be a necessary disinfectant product at home.


Product Description


  • Compact & Portable: Easy to carry indoors and outdoors, able to sterilize anytime and anywhere.
  • ABS Housing: Resistant to pressure and falling, solid & durable.
  • Transparent Electrolyzer: Visible & large volume capacity.
  • Semi-automatic Spray Head: 0.03 mm micro pressure injection. Press the trigger once, the product can spray superfine water mist for 2 seconds.
  • One-button Operation & Intelligent Reminder: The disinfectant water can be prepared by pressing the titanium button; the indicator light at the bottom of the bottle will prompt the working status, and there is a prompt tone after preparation, and then it will be automatically turn off.
  • 2-minute Rapid Electrolyzing: “Salt + Water = Disinfectant”, self-made at home at any time, never worry about no disinfectant.
  • Easy operation: Put a spoonful of edible salt and 200mL tap water into the generator and shake well. After power on, press the power button lightly to quickly electrolyze salt and water and they will be converted into highly effective sterilization and disinfection water.
  • Powerful Bacteria Removal: The bacteria removal rate of the self-made disinfectant is up to 99.9%, which can effectively resist Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Candida Albicans, Salmonella Typhimurium and other harmful bacteria, taking care of your health.
  • Safe & Nontoxic: With a chlorine concentration of 100-250mg/L, the self-made disinfectant is volatile, odorless and not pungent, which is safe and mild.
  • Standard Spoon Accessory: This product is matched with one standard spoon so as to accurately control the dosage of salt.
  • Wide Application: Applicable to disinfection of household articles, clothes, ornaments, tableware, bathroom equipment, door handles, baby toys, electronic products, outdoor public places, etc.



  • It can be made into disinfectant by electrolytic salt water, which can be used for sterilization and disinfection, non-toxic and non-irritating to the skin. Tested by Guangdong Provincial Microbial Analysis and Testing Center, with disinfection rate> 99.9 %.
  • Disinfection principle: NaCl + H2O = NaClO + H2 ↑, sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO), has strong oxidizing property, easily penetrates the cell membrane and enters the inside of the cell. Oxidative decomposition of bacterial viruses can achieve the effect of killing bacterial viruses within seconds.
  • Steps of making disinfection solution: Put 1 spoon of edible salt (NaCL) and 200ML tap water into the machine according to the proportion, and make natural disinfection water through efficient electrolysis. A single press can generate disinfection water, and the bottom of the bottle is equipped with a breathing light to indicate the machine’s operating status. When the disinfection water is made, the machine will emit a “beep” to inform the user, and turn off the breathing light and electrolytic function.


Weight 2 lbs