Ms. W Anti-Aging Face and Neck Massager

Sonic Vibration Therapy Wrinkle Free Neck Device, Heat Generated Jawline Definer for Anti-Wrinkle and Reduced Puffiness, 3LED Light Neck Lift Device

  • √[ Sonic high frequency vibration ]: 6000times/min, invigorates your complexion, rapidly activating cells, and increasing the elasticity of neck skin.
  • √[ 3 Treatment modes ]: Blue/Green/Red light therapy for face and neck, green and red 45±5℃ can help skincare products to be absorbed into the skin, increases cell metabolism, accelerates blood circulation, and restores skin firmness.
  • √[ Special wavelength therapy ]: Non-surgical neck lift device with light therapy and under different wavelength, has a significant influence in improving fine lines, wrinkles, flaccid, melanin and scars, as well as neck lifting and firming.
  • √[ The arc shape ]: Beautifully shaped like a dolphin tail, it perfectly fits neck and face lines. Also appropriate for shoulders and other parts of the body. Helps with lymphedema.
  • √[ Environmental protection ]: USB cable charging, wireless operation, easy and portable.

Ms. W. sonic vibration and heat generated double chin removal face and neck massager

Sonic vibration neck care massager

Does the device have cold ?

  • It doesn’t have, but have 3treatment mode for choice


What is the 3treatment mode ?

  • The 3treatment mode is 3 color light massage modes that can promote blood circulation, stimulates the neck acupuncture points, clears out meridians and promote skin metabolism. It also helps in promoting the discharge of long-accumulated toxic substances and waste, slow skin cell aging, dilutes neck profile, prevention of swelling, and rapidly eliminates fatigue.


Can I use it everyday ?

  • Sure, we suggest you use it with your preferred cream or serum per day 5-10minutes. The vibration intensity and temperature of the device will automatically adjust to your body.


Is it okay to use if have a sensitive skin ?

  • The device is specially made by food grade stainless steel, that is safe, healthy and has a low chance of irritation to skin. It is safe to use daily with sensitive skin.


neck wrinkles remove massager

Super Effective Anti Aging (Ageless) Neck and Face Massager

Using tips:

1. Preparation

Clean the area you wish to treat and apply a proper amount of the skin care product you wish to apply.

2. Clearing the surface

You can use Ms.W directly on your skin, or apply your preferred cream, lotion or serum and remove the clear plastic Massage Head Protective Cover.

3. Anti-aging treatment


Weight 0.55 lbs

1 pc., 10 pcs

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